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I am a Soccer dad.   And proud of it!  Four of my kids are playing, on three different teams.  And, my wife, the wonderful Mommy Crusader, is coaching my fourth grader’s team.  Every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning in May, we are off.  Most of the time, all four of the children are playing and mommy is coaching at the same time.

I'm a Soccer Dad!  And, It's Great!  Here's why I Love Being a Soccer Dad!

Reasons Why I Love Being A Soccer Dad:

Soccer teaches Team Work.

Soccer promotes Social Growth

Soccer creates Mental Toughness

Soccer helps kids Learn to Follow Directions

My Kindergartner Playing Soccer -- This was a cold, rainy day!

My Kindergartner Playing Soccer — This was a cold, rainy day!

– Soccer teaches Team Work

In most any job or career that exists, team work is an absolute must.  Learning to get along with each other is so important.  I have watched my kiddos move from an “It’s all about me” attitude to a “how can I help the team” attitude.  I can’t watch all of the games, with three games going on at the same time, but one of my kiddos came running up to me after a game and said, “We scored two goals!”  I then asked, “Who scored them?”  My kiddo answered, “Well, I scored one of them, and someone else scored the other.”  I loved this!  Before it would have been, “I scored a goal!  I scored a goal!”  But, instead it was, “We scored two goals!”  This is an attitude that I would like to see.  We all work better together when we work as a team.

My second grader - the Fearless Goalie!

My second grader – the Fearless Goalie!

– Soccer promotes Social Growth

We live in a small, farming community.  The houses are spaced far apart.  There aren’t many people living near each other.  For this reason, my kiddos don’t get as much social interaction as we would like.  They have friends in school, but they don’t see them much after school.  My kids LOVE soccer, because they get to be and play with their friends.  They have built friendships with new friends because they are on the same team.  Also, they have to learn to communicate and share while on the soccer field.  In going with the above theme of team work, no one person can play by themselves.  They have to be constantly passing the ball and communicating with each other to be successful.  These skills can be used off of the soccer field as well, and I have seen an increase in communication among my kiddos and working together after soccer season started.

My Preschooler - The Soccer Star!

My Preschooler – The Soccer Star!

– Soccer creates Mental Toughness

It’s hard to keep doing something that is hard.  We all get discouraged.  We all want to give up.  This isn’t an option on the soccer field.  On one of the opposing teams, there is a player that is large, fast, and very talented.  He runs around the defenders, and basically single-handedly defeats teams.  This is HARD!  I was SO proud of my kiddo when she didn’t stop.  The attitude after that game was, “He’s really good, but I think that we can beat him next time by ….. ”  What a great attitude!  She realized that there was a problem, and started brainstorming solutions.  These solutions included team work and individual growth.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone looked at problems this way, and instead of complaining, immediately started brainstorming solutions.

My Fourth Grader - Caught in Action!

My Fourth Grader – Caught in Action!

-Soccer helps kids Learn To Follow Directions

Fullbacks in soccer have to stay in the back field.  They are there to help the goalie so that the other team can’t get ahead of all of the defenders.  It’s hard to stay in the backfield.  It’s much funner to be up trying to score a goal.  But, as one of my kiddos learned the hard way, they are very important.  This kiddo had been assigned to the backfield.  His team was attacking and they all were trying to score a goal.  He decided to ‘help’ his team by running to help try to score a goal.  At this point, the other team was able to boot the ball clear down the field and one of their players quickly ran and scored a goal.  His coach and his teammates were disappointed in him, because he wasn’t where he was supposed to be.  This was a good lesson for him.  He learned to follow directions, even when he thought he could do better elsewhere.  Being a part of the team involved doing his part.  He now enjoys the back field, and enjoys helping his team this way.  What a great lesson.  What a great attitude.

Mommy Crusader - The Awesome coach, helping my fourth grader.

Mommy Crusader – The Awesome coach, helping my fourth grader.

Soccer is great for all of these things and more.  Other sports and other activities can also teach these same lessons, but right now our family is involved in soccer.  It has been great seeing the growth from my kiddos.  It has also been great watching my wife mold several kiddos.  She truly enjoys working with the kids.  It’s been fun being the Soccer Dad while my wife teaches and coaches.  Our baby really would love to join in the fun, but she isn’t quite old enough.  She loves chasing the ball and calls it, “kick it.”  She is learning as well.

My Baby - Frustrated that she can't go on the field to play, too.

My Baby – Frustrated that she can’t go on the field to play, too.

I love being a soccer dad!  I love that it teaches my kiddos Team Work, Social Growth, Mental Toughness and soccer helps kids Learn to Follow Directions.  This wonderful, fun activity is really helping my kids grow.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Being A Soccer Dad!

  • Aliza B

    Thanks for sharing this. My daughter loves to be on a soccer team. I like how all the kids encourage each other (she’s in 1st grade). When one of them makes a mistake, they always say, “Good try”.

    • admin Post author

      Isn’t that a great attitude to have! And think of the life skills that they are gaining. Wouldn’t it be great if when any of us made a mistake, it was a “good try” and we learned to do better next time?