Be amazed by the beauty that exists in the High Uintas and visit Mirror Lake - A Beautiful High Uinta Lake.
In the Road on the Map, I wrote that our family had been looking for an accessible High Uinta lake.  Well, we finally found one.  This one is actually right off of a main highway as well. There is a highway between Heber City and Park City called Mirror Lake […]

Mirror Lake – A Beautiful High Uinta Lake

Have you ever been geocaching? Geocaching is a quick, easy way to get outside with your family. 1
It was the Summer of 2005. My wife and I had been married for around nine months, and she was six months pregnant. We went to a family reunion. One of my crazy uncles (Aren’t all uncles crazy?) said, “Who would like to go geocaching?” I had never heard of […]

Geocaching – A Quick, Easy Way To Get Outdoors With ...

In life there are many different paths we can follow. Once we find a road on the map, what happens if it doesn't work? 1
Utah has many wonderful places to visit.  One of the goals that we’ve had as a family is to see as many of these places as we can.  The Uinta Mountains are gorgeous, and we’ve been exploring them. We are also trying to find good fishing spots.  One thing that […]

The Road on the Map – A Parenting Analogy

As a math specialist, I wanted to find a program that builds a strong foundation in math fundamentals. The program that I like best is Dreambox Learning.
This post is a selfish post for me.  You see, I’m a high school math teacher.  And, I get so many kids that don’t know their basics.  It’s really hard to teach a student trigonometry when they don’t know their basic math facts or understand why math works the way […]

Dreambox Learning – An Excellent Online Math Program

Come with us to one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Yellowstone Canyon in the Uinta Mountains in Utah! 2
When I was researching the move that brought us to Utah last year, I came upon some interesting tales.  One of the tales told of a man who was enamored by the beauty of Yellowstone Canyon.  Now, I had never heard of Yellowstone Canyon, and I assumed he was talking […]

Yellowstone Canyon – One of the Most Beautiful Places on ...

I'm sure that your kids never struggled with cleaning their bedrooms, but mine have! Here I share a tip to get kids to purposefully clean their bedrooms. 2
Hello All! My children have chores, as you know from reading various of my past posts, and one of their chores is to clean their bedrooms. This is a do-every-day chore. Now, I’m sure that your kids are NOTHING like mine, because I’m sure that your kids know how to clean […]

Getting Kids to Purposefully Clean Their Bedrooms

My kids have been known to call me 'mean dad'. What did I do to earn this wonderful title? 2
I am the meanest dad in the world. Don’t believe me?  Just ask my kids.  They will tell you. My kids had an amazing opportunity recently.  A professional basketball player from our favorite team came to town.  He came to do basketball drills with the children in my city.  What […]

Why My Kids Call Me: ‘Mean Dad’

How can we get our kids to grow up into awesome adults? There is no easy answer, but I do know that the most important gift you can give is your time. 2
We, as parents, are tasked with an awesomely hard job.  We are asked to raise little human beings and make them into adults.  Of course, the adults that we create are supposed to be honest, hard-working, dependable, reliable, responsible, kind, and a whole collection more of positive adjectives.  Of course, […]

The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Kids: ...

I am the stereotypical father. I have a wonderful wife and five young kids. So, what do I want for Father's Day? 2
I am the stereotypical person that someone thinks about when they think about Father’s Day.  I have a typical life with a wonderful wife and five young kids.  I enjoy ‘man things’.  I like the outdoors.  I like fixing things.  I like playing and watching sports.  I fit the ‘typical […]

What Do I Want for Father’s Day?

The other day, we were listening to a country station, and Emerson Drive’s song “A Good Man” came on.  In the chorus of the song, it says, “I wanna be the one When all is said and done Who lived a good life, loved a good wife, and always helped […]

I Want to Be a Good Man

I am the luckiest man in the world. I have a wonderful wife and five awesome kids. My kids teach me every day. What Do I Learn From My Kids?
I am the luckiest man in the world. I have the most wonderful wife and five of the world’s most awesome kids. My fifteen-year high-school reunion is coming up.  I know, for some of you that makes me young, and for some of you that makes me old.  But, with a […]

What Do I Learn From My Kids?

Muddy foot prints across the floor.  Muddy footprints leading directly into my room, and ending squarely with my muddy shoes.  Me, hiding in my room.  Knowing that I was in trouble.  Mom, calling, “Where are my kids.”  All of us, dutifully reporting.  Mom asking, “Who tracked the mud through the […]

Teaching Kids the Importance of Honesty

Your word is ascension. Ascension  a-s-c-e-n-t-i-o-n ascension ‘ding’ Thus ended my spelling bee years.  I took thirteenth place in the state competition.  I was in eighth grade.  The spelling bee ends in eighth grade.  I was disappointed, but I was glad to have participated.  I am a huge advocate of […]

The Spelling Bee – A Great Academic Competition

We recently moved to a small town in NorthEastern Utah.  Fishing is a part of life.  Everyone here fishes.  Well, I’ve been married to my lovely wife for almost eleven years, and up until a few weeks ago, we had never ever fished.  So we decided we needed to learn.  We’ve been […]

Fishing at Flaming Gorge Recreational Area in Utah

In Alice in Wonderland, at one point, Alice is walking along a path and comes to a fork in the road.  The Cheshire Cat makes his appearance, and Alice asks, “I just wanted to ask you which way I ought to go.” The Cheshire Cat answers, “Well, that depends, on […]

What Do You Want To Be? — A Goal-Setting ...