Children are so important. I have found several programs that empower children.
A few years ago, I was teaching fifth grade.  I had one student who wouldn’t come out of her shell.  She wouldn’t participate in class discussions.  She wouldn’t complete her assignments.  She wasn’t being successful in school.  By the end of the year, this student had changed.  What was the […]

Five Programs that Empower Children

Why live in a world where people seem to be always scared of each other, how do we teach our children to be Respectfully Assertive?
The other day my child came home from school upset.  But, she was afraid to do anything about it, because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  She was afraid to stand up for her own rights. But, this seems to be fairly common.  We live in a world where […]

Teaching Children to be Respectfully Assertive

We love visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is truly a piece of heaven on earth.
Everytime we visit Salt Lake City, one of our go-to places is Temple Square.  It is beautiful at any time of the year, and my kids love it.  They love being on the grounds and seeing all of the beautiful flowers.  They love going through the visitors’ centers and seeing […]

Temple Square – A Piece of Heaven in Salt Lake ...

Don't miss the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival - it is free & fun fly fishing activities and instruction for the whole family!
We attended the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival in Midway, UT.  This is a great event, where some of the most talented fly fishermen in Utah come to share of their knowledge.  It’s a very family-friendly event, with many activities for the kiddos, as well as for the parents. The […]

Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival – Free & Fun Fly ...

If you're looking for a fabulous place to camp in Southern Utah, look no further than the Duck Creek Pond and Campground.
Every year we try to go on at least one camping trip with friends.  We try different campgrounds and have a lot of fun.  Last year we ended up at Cathedral Gorge in Nevada.  This year, we decided to try for a place in Utah.  We ended up at Duck […]

Duck Creek – A Beautiful Campground and Pond

We had a lot of success catching rainbow trout out of Pine Valley Reservoir in Southern Utah.
While we were in Southern Utah, we stopped by a sporting goods store.  I asked one of my favorite questions: If you were going to take kids fishing and wanted them to be successful, where would you take them?  The wonderful gentleman told me that he takes his grandchildren to […]

Pine Valley Reservoir – A Gorgeous Southern Utah Fishing Reservoir

The Ice Cave is a wonderful family attraction in Utah's Dixie National Forest on Cedar Mountain in Southern Utah.
We went camping in the heat of summer.  But, we slipped and slid on ice!  Up in the Cedar Mountains in Utah’s Dixie National Forest is an Ice Cave.  There is ice there all year round!  My kids absolutely loved the experience of slipping and sliding on the ice in the […]

Ice Cave – A Fun Cave For Families to Explore ...

In Southern Utah, just north of Duck Creek, lies Mammoth Cave. Mammoth Cave is a series of lava tubes that are great to explore!
Located on Cedar Mountain, just north of Duck Creek is Mammoth Cave.  Mammoth Cave is a series of lava tubes that have turned into a fun cave to explore. To get to Mammoth Cave, take Highway 14 out of Cedar City.  Keep driving until you pass Duck Creek Village.  You […]

Mammoth Cave – Explore the Lava Tubes in the Dixie ...

Eight miles east of Parowan, UT, you will find Hidden Haven. Hidden Haven is a gorgeous hike that leads to a waterfall and is great fun for the family.
I love finding beautiful places to visit with my family.  That’s why I was excited when my friend told me about Hidden Haven.  Hidden Haven is part of a Wildlife Management area eight miles outside of Parowan, UT.  The hike is a short, easy hike, but it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! […]

Hidden Haven Waterfall – A Beautiful Hike Near Parowan,UT

Strawberry Reservoir - A Beautiful State Park in the Uinta National Forest. A wonderful location for a family retreat!
We like fishing and being in the outdoors with my family.  Well, my daughter heard about Strawberry Reservoir in her class at school, and then, KSL Outdoors did a segment on Strawberry Reservoir.  And that’s all we’ve heard about since.  We needed to plan a trip out to Strawberry Reservoir. […]

Strawberry Reservoir – A Beautiful Utah State Park in the ...

Come with me and my family to Paradise Park Campground and Reservoir. This is a gorgeous area for great family recreation!
While looking at beautiful places to visit with my family, several people mentioned “Paradise”.  Well, a search of Paradise definitely wasn’t helping me to find this beautiful oasis, but finally I was able to find the area they were talking about.  Come with my family to visit Paradise Park Campground […]

Paradise Found – Paradise Park Campground and Reservoir in Utah’s ...

If you are wanting to find a beautiful High Uinta lake that is a little bit off the beaten path, Grandaddy Lake is perfect for you!
Grandaddy Lake is a gorgeous, high Uinta lake.  Grandaddy is known as being the largest natural lake in the high Uinta Mountains.  When the Uintas are known for having over a thousand lakes, being the largest is a pretty cool designation!  Grandaddy Lake is located in the High Uinta Wilderness […]

Grandaddy Lake – A Gorgeous, Family Approved, High Uinta Hike ...

As a dad, I want my kiddos to be safe. Here is one thing that scares me, and what I am doing about it.
I have five wonderful, lovely adorable children.  They are smart, creative, intelligent, inventive, kind, and many other wonderful attributes.  They are also curious and don’t have much fear.  Of anything.  Now this is a both a good thing, and a bad thing. Meet my First Grader.  He is a vivacious, […]

What I Am Scared Of – And What I Am ...

Just west of Duchesne, Utah is the wonderful Starvation State Park. It has many opportunities for wonderful family experiences.
In Duchesne County, just west of the city of Duchesne is the beautiful Starvation State Park.  Starvation State Park is an amazing recreation area.  It has spots for fishing, boating, and swimming in the water.  Starvation is well-maintained and very fun! Starvation State Park has several campgrounds.  They have primitive campgrounds, […]

Starvation State Park – A Beautiful Utah Recreation Area!